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Invisodontist: the Invisalign Specialist

What is Invisodontics and who is an Invisodontist?
Dr. Hamersky has coined the terms to be defined as follows:
Invisodontics: Invisodontics is the sub-specialty of orthodontics that utilizes only clear, invisible or non-visible appliances and techniques available to correct and align the teeth and dental occlusion or bite.
Invisodontist: An Invisodontist is an Orthodontic Specialist also known as an Orthodontist who specializes specifically in the correction of dental malocclusions including both misalignments of the teeth and malfunction of the dental bite using only clear, invisible or non-visible orthodontic appliances and techniques.
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The Invisalign Orthodontist

The title or designation of Orthodontist or Orthodontic Specialists can only be use by a dentist who has not only completed college and 4 years of dental school, but has also completed an additional 2 to 3 years full-time residency program accredited by the ADA of advanced education in orthodontics. After receiving the additional years of training and education, an orthodontist has learned the skills that are required to treat the misalignment of teeth and facial development with Invisalign, braces, retainers and all the other methods. Only a dentist that has completed the additional years of training and education after dental school is an orthodontist.

Use your common sense and follow your intuition

There is no single orthodontic treatment method that works every time on everyone…as good as it is, this includes Invisalign! Is Invisalign the best choice for you or simply the only choice, as it usually is at your family dentst? What happens if the type of braces being used is not achieving the expected results? An Orthodontist has been trained in all forms of orthodontic care so if needed, can recommend and modify the treatment as best fits your needs and changing teeth.

Why an Orthodontist for your Invisalign care?

The real question is: Why not?

You deserve the best for your money and in today's market; you will likely find cost for Invisalign to be very similar everywhere. Here at Douglas County Orthodontics, you will also find our cost for Invisalign and traditional braces to be similar as well. So now your only real questions are: What kind of braces do I want? And, are they an option for me?

Dr. Hamersky has spent over 25 years exclusively treating crooked teeth and bites as an Orthodontist will inform you of all the pros and cons of each and all orthodontic technique available for your specific concerns and guides you to the best choice for you and your family.

american association of orthodontists Look for this Logo of the American Association of Orthodontists whose members have all received the training and testing to be Orthodontists…Specialists in the treatment of irregular and misaligned teeth and jaws.

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