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Treatment for Adults

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. One of every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over 21.

The primary difference in orthodontic treatment involving an adult verses a child is the absence of active growth of the jaws. Dr. Hamersky as an Orthodontic Specialist has advanced training and with his extensive experience develops a treatment plan specifically for an adult patient taking that fact into consideration. Orthodontic results in adults are therefore not compromised because of age and jaw growth potential differences.

It is thought that teeth in adults move slower than in children but Dr. Hamersky has found that because adults typically take a more active role in their treatment decisions and are more motivated in their compliance with instructions, actual treatment times tend to be very similar in length to children with similar problems.

There is another very positive side of adult orthodontic treatment: An adult has usually “lived” with their orthodontic problem for many years prior to committing to treatment. The beautiful results they see during and after treatment are so much more self-satisfying than realized in the younger patients. It is very uncommon to ever hear regrets regarding the decision to proceed with treatment from an adult patient.

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