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Treatment Philosophy

Orthodontic Treatment Philosophy is defined as the basic general concepts or treatment methods Dr. Hamersky or any orthodontist will use to create all forms of treatment recommendations. All treatment decisions will in some form be based on this Treatment Philosophy. It is important information to know while evaluating and choosing an Orthodontist. A doctor's treatment philosophy will give you an idea of “what to expect” regardless of the specifics of your family's orthodontic needs.

Dr. Hamersky has developed a short general list of treatment concepts he has incorporated into his day-to-day orthodontic practice that has enhanced his overall success of treatment.

Always take the most conservative approach first — We are typically not treating or curing diseases or illnesses, we are enhancing the natural and normal mismatches of the teeth and jaws. If the easiest method is not giving us the proper results, then change it.

Do not fear recommending changes to treatment — Orthodontists may hesitate informing you of a treatment plan change for fear of appearing “wrong” originally. Orthodontics is “a journey through change”; not everyone responds exactly the same to treatment therefore changes in the “Path” is part of the process.

There are very few “rights” or “wrongs” in orthodontics — There are very often many approaches to treat the same orthodontic problems without one having to be right or wrong. Dr. Hamersky is committed to educating you on your choices and explaining apparent differences in his treatment approaches including honestly comparing other recommendations that you may have received from other orthodontists.

Reduce the requirement of compliance on children — Avoid, if possible, braces and appliances that are removable or involve “choices” to wear them or not; this includes “headgears” which Dr. Hamersky does not use. It makes it easier on everyone.

It is always better to initially evaluate children too young — Dr. Hamersky’s preference initially with a young child is to delay treatment if possible for two reasons: First, growth is a big factor in orthodontic care. By seeing a child at two different points in time, it gives him an opportunity to evaluate the changes that are occurring; a movie picture verses a snap shot. Second, the child gains trust if given an opportunity to go to a doctor’s office and not have anything painful done to them for a change.

It is never too late to benefit from orthodontics — The term “it’s not worth it anymore” is applying later and later in life. Dentistry in general including orthodontics is undergoing a tremendous overhaul in its thinking about when is it too late to worry about the benefits of “fixing” one's teeth. So is the general public! Our eldest patient now stands at 76 years young during her treatment.

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